NBA underrated team

I’m going to try to put together a team that could contend but not break the bank.

C – Marc Gasol


I know he won defensive player of the year honors two years ago, but I still feel like his offense, especially his passing, is underrated. He’s the better of the two Gasol’s in my opinion and Pau is a borderline hall of famer.

PF – Channing Frye


With Gasol occupying the block, it’s nice to have a stretch four to create spacing. I think Frye’s defense is overlooked because he’s regarded as a turn style on that end of the floor. Gasol would make up for some defensive liabilities.

SF – Trevor Ariza


Can go the bombs away route with corner 3s but is also a decent off the bounce creator. Really he’s pretty good at everything but not especially gifted at any one skill. Probably would get eaten alive by LeBron and Durant but so does everybody.

SG – Bradley Beal

Indiana Pacers v Washington Wizards: Game Four

If he can stay on the court, he’ll challenge as one of the best 2 guards for years to come. Can defend, shoot and drive, which is everything you want.

PG – Kyle Lowry


Everyone else so far is more of a clinical technician, Lowry is a pitbull, playing with extreme heart and power. He’s just now starting to get regular playing time and some credit as one of the best point guards in the league. He’s a poor man’s version of Chris Paul.

Back up SF – Luol Deng


He starts for Miami but this team needs a plus defender to come off the pine. I would say he’s slightly worse than Ariza as a offensive player.

Back up PF – Taj Gibson


Two nights ago Reggie Miller said Gibson would start for 25 NBA teams. Reggie overestimated quite a bit but Gibson is a talented defender and extreme hard worker.

Back up guard – Kirk Hinrich


Even though he played for Kansas, I can’t help but love Heinrich because he’s white guy who plays great defense and can play either guard position.

Back up guard – Greivis Vasquez


Speaking of a guy who can play either guard position. Vazquez is the type of passer that allows second units to thrive.

Back up Center – JaVale McGee


He’s a total head case, but this team needs cheap rim protection. I would rather take a chance on McGee than someone like Samuel Dalembert.

Back up guard – Danny Green


Every team somebody who is just a lights out shooter.

Head coach – Brad Stevens


He’s already one of the best coaches in the league. I feel he’s one of the rare guys who is both an X and Os master and a skilled motivator.


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