States That Could Secede


With Scotland and Catalonia recently contemplating secession from Great Britain and Span respectively that got me thinking about which states would want to leave the union.



The history of Hawaii is pretty messed up if we’re being honest with ourselves as Americans. It was Kingdom from 1810 to 1893, then American and European businessmen booted out the monarchy and it was an independent republic for a few years before being annexed by the U.S. Should Hawaii really be a state? It’s super far away from everything, even more so than Alaska. It has an indigenous population that hasn’t been completely genocided. It’s not like the U.S. still needs Hawaii as a refueling station, and even if that was the case, I doubt the Hawaiians would hate us if they had their own country.



Texas was already a sovereign, recognized country at one time. While we would lose 529 barrels of crude oil, the top cotton-producing state and 7 percent of the U.S. land mass, Texas also leads the country in rampant blowhardetry. I think it would be worth it to allow Texas to secede just to see president Rick Perry in action and not have it affect the entire country. Or president Ted Cruz for that matter, although obviously I would prefer Perry. I’m expecting militarized Mexican border and public executions. I wonder how it would affect college football. Most players come from Texas and the Texas schools are all important. At the very least it would be more difficult for outside states to recruit those players.



California basically has everything the country offers in one state — mountains, huge-tree forests, farm land, desert and ocean. It has some of the biggest industries in the country; losing all of silicon valley would be tough. Cali is the number one state for farming. California has an economy equivalent to Italy. I think it is the one state that would force the U.S. government to authorize a military invasion to stop it if it got close to seceding.


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