Thoughts on Mizzou’s Victory Yesterday

NCAA Football: Missouri at Toledo


1. We beat a ranked SEC team on the road. So far, in our short history in the SEC, we’ve done that once and it was an over-confidant, injury-riddled Georgia team last year.

2. It was really nice to have a heartbreaking loss go the other way for once. South Carolina’s defense was dominant the whole way and it took was two drives for us to take the lead. It was good revenge considering how the Gamecocks beat us in Como last year. On second thought, not quite on the same scale. That game was in overtime. Mizzou had a 17-0 lead going into overtime … alright that’s enough no need to relive it further.

3. The Mizzou defense looked great. I would go as far as to say Mizzou outplayed SC on d, considering how much more often the Tigers were on the field. It’s really difficult to block Makcus Golden and Shane Ray on the same play and we really missed Golden last week against Indiana. Our linebackers — Kentrell Brothers and Michael Scherer in particular — were very good, wrapped up runners very quickly. Even the somewhat maligned secondary played excellent with the exception of a few wide open receivers.

4. I hope Indiana upsets someone in the Big 10. They play Michigan State for homecoming Oct. 18 (fingers crossed). Still, Mizzou’s inability to stop the run last week was in part because Indiana’s quarterback was a good runner (not many of those on the east side of the SEC) and that they ran a very good blocking scheme.

5. It sounds like both Jimmie Hunt and Darius White should be back for the Oct. 11 game against Georgia. I think they are both better receivers than Bud Sasser and their return would have to help the offense.

6. If Mizzou can beat Georgia (a big if), the Tigers will be in the driver’s seat in the SEC east.

7. By the transitive property, Mizzou should be able to beat Georgia in Como considering the Bulldogs lost at Columbia, SC.



1. So the Tigers did a great job stopping the run yesterday, but what are they going to do against Todd Gurley, who is really in a league of his own as far as a Heisman candidate. Our salvation might be how boring Georgia is running the ball; the Bulldogs use very little misdirection. We’d be lucky to hold Gurley to 100 yards rushing.

2. Maty Mauk’s stench kind of threw off the fact that Dylan Thompson was pretty terrible yesterday. Can we expect Hutson Mason to be equally awful? Georgia’s receivers will be better than South Carolina’s. I think it’s fair to say, even though they were ranked, that South Carolina is worse than anybody expected.

3. Wow was the offense bad yesterday. I think you can point to Mauk for a lot of the struggles; I think his completion percentage was like 20 percent (it was actually 35 percent). He needs to stay in the pocket longer. Most of the time we had decent pass protection that Mauk ran out of. Mizzou started to click when South Carolina stopped blitzing (I have no idea why they did that and I doubt Georgia’s D coordinator would make that type of mistake). I do think play calling was a factor as well. It took us way too long to figure out we need to attack with long passes.

4. With two of our receivers hurt, why did we not try to throw to our running backs more? I think we need more formations where Marcus Murphy and Russell Hansbrough (at one point yesterday Brad Nessler called him Tyler) are in the game at the same time. In general, we need to get Hansbrough the ball more. His three touchdowns were not an aberration — he was a beast all game.

5. Man does that loss to Indiana look bad now, especially because the Hoosiers got clowned by Maryland yesterday, 37-15.


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