College Football vs. the NFL


I generally dislike when people say they like college basketball better than the NBA. It’s something I heard a lot living in Kansas and I’m guessing I’m going to hear it some in Florida. Usually the reasons given are that college basketball players try harder, NBA players are nothing more than overpaid cry babies and that an NBA game is meaningless until the last two minutes of the game. I found those reasons to be disingenuous because they usually spewed out of the mouths of people who had not watched the Association in some time.

I’m going to be hypocritical though and say that I like College football way more than the NFL of late. None of the reasons I like the NCAA are because the players are amateurs or play harder, though.

1. I’ve got to be honest, part of the reason I like college oblong ball more than the NFL is because my college team, the Missouri Tigers, are enjoying the most success in the 150 years of the school, and my NFL team, the Rams, has not made the playoffs in more than a decade.

2. College football generally includes higher point totals than the professional ranks. If you want innovative offense, go to college first. The spread, read option, pistol and constant no huddle are slowly becoming pervasive in the league but every college conference has multiple teams running all of that. Now part of that high scoring is that defensive stars are limited in college. Defenses also happen to be a little bit more vanilla.

3. There is at least one great game every week and its always on TV. College football is pretty predictable and sometimes that’s a good thing. Like I was pumped up for the first Seattle vs. San Fran NFL game last year and it was an awful defense first slugfest. Even games like that in college are like 21-17.


4. One of the flaws of the college game is that it is probably the most unfair of any major American sport. The top programs have an enormous advantage in recruiting and becoming a major program usually requires a great coach, recruiting hot bed, luck and probably some cheating. For instance, Oregon has become a major power of the last two decades. They needed all of those and they’ve had some interesting criminals over that time. My point though is that I have more hate in my heart for college football than for any other sport. I hate Oklahoma, Nebraska, Alabama, Kansas and Georgia. Rooting against teams does make things more interesting.

5. Upsets happen all the time. Stanford over USC, Appalachian State over Michigan and even Auburn over Alabama this past year.

6. There hasn’t been a play in the NFL be this exciting in a long time.

7. Running quarterbacks are awesome.


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