Hall of Fame or Not

On this installment of Hall of Fame or Not, I examine the careers of two big guys and diminutive and productive shooting guard.

Baseball — David Ortiz


-He’s 43 homers away from 500 and he averages 42 over a 162 game period. He’s 38 now but he’s probably playing until he’s 40.
-Career .284 average, 1511 RBI, hit 30 home runs seven times and 54 once in 2006. Career OPS of .925. Had WARs over 4 five times.
-Arguably the best DH of all time with Edgar Martinez.
Won perhaps the greatest game of all-time with a walk off dinger.
Then he did it again the next night in 14 innings.
Boston strong

-He has three rings

-He’s a career DH. Some baseball writers have a real problem this.
-His career as we know it, hitting 30 home runs and close to .300 didn’t really start until 2003. He had two pretty bad years back-to-back in 2008 and 09. Still hit 23 and 28 home runs with 89 and 99 RBI but his averages were .264 and .238.
Has some PED talk swirling around him

Final Verdict: He should get in even if he doesn’t get to 500 home runs. In a few years, the National League will have a DH and the DH stuff will die down. The Hall-of-Fame is meant to cherish moments like that 2004 World Series run and giving Big Papi a bronze bust is a perfect way to do it.

Football — Orlando Pace


-He was a seven-time pro-bowler and three-time all-pro.
-His contemporary Jonathan Ogden is already in the Hall.
-The Greatest Show on Turf never gets off the ground without Pace. Pace’s play was absolutely essential for keeping stone-footed quarterbacks Kurt Warner and Marc Bulger from getting murdered on the long posts that were a staple of the Mike Martz offense. The Martz years in Chicago are a good example.
-Has a ring.

-There aren’t really stats for offensive linemen.
-There was no doubt of his prowess through 2005 and then his career fell off a cliff.
-Played 12 years, which is the same number as Ogden.

Final Verdict:
-I would think he gets in but the voters for Canton are a hard group to judge sometimes. He’s the second best left tackle of his era and the best guy is already in the Hall.

Basketball — Allen Iverson


-He averaged 26.7 points per game in his career. He averaged 30 five times. He’s 22nd all-time in scoring.
-He’s a better defender than he gets credit for, averaging 2.2 steals per game and leading the league in thefts in 2002-03 and 2004-05.
-Has a career PER of 20.9.
-He took Eric Snow, George Lynch, Theo Ratliff, Aaron McKie and Dikembe Mutombo to the finals in 2000-01.
Then he won game 2 of the finals by himself.
-The killer cross over.
Hates practice.
-Tough as nails, was always undersized and got beat up on drives.

-A huge ball hog. He led the league in field goal attempts four times. His highest shooting percentage was .461.
-He shot below 40 percent from field two years in his prime in 2001-02 and 2003-04.
-When he was on a good team, late in his career with Denver, they lost in the first round of the playoffs each year. When they traded him to Detroit in 2008-09 they made the western conference finals and the Pistons lost in the first round.
-Doesn’t have a ring.
Not the best attitude.

Final Verdict:
-I think Iverson is going to get in, but should he? I don’t think AI was a good team player and thus his teams were flawed by his constant lust for the ball. Who would have been the ideal teammates for Iverson en route to a title? I don’t know if anyone group of players would have worked. That doesn’t sound like a hall-of-famer to me.


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