10 Thoughts on The Decision 2.0


So I’m sure I’m like the 100 millionth person to write about this but like the rest of America, I’m enamored with Lebron James’ decision to go back to Cleveland. ESPN just made this comparison but this really is like Hulk Hogan leaving NWO. They have the same colors.

10. It’s such a dynamic move. It’s hard to leave a team that went to four straight NBA finals but that’s what he did and he went to a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since he left.

9. He’s just a basketball player — not Mother Theresa or the Pope — but this guy has a capacity for forgiveness. The fans burned his jerseys. His now current owner, former owner at the time, wrote a long letter calling him a jerk. It’s hilarious that the fans have to go buy new jerseys now.

8. This is probably a smart basketball decision. If the Cavaliers don’t make any more personnel moves, the starting five is still strong.

C-Anderson Varejao
F-Tristan Thompson
SG-Andrew Wiggins
PG-Kyrie Irving

With former No. 1 pick Anthony Bennett and top five pick Dion Waters coming off the pine. That roster could make it through the East with a break or two.

7. However, I think the Cavs will now trade Wiggins and Bennett to Minnesota for Kevin Love. Doesn’t leave much bench, but that starting lineup will be capable of breathtaking offensive basketball. May struggle on D but it probably won’t matter. That’s a championship or bust lineup.

6. Chris Bosh is most likely going to take Houston’s max offer now, leaving Dwyane Wade as the odd man out. I feel a little bit bad for Wade, who is now on the definite downside of his career.

5. I’m really happy for Cleveland fans. They are a long-suffering group and deserve to have something good happen.

4. I feel very little sympathy for Miami fans. To the individual fan I will likely say, “Well it sucks but it was a good run. Two titles, nothing to sniff at.” As a group, “Karma is a vengeful harlot. Go back to enjoying your empty arena you apathetic slugs.”

4. Is the big 3 model dead? It seems like Lebron decided to move into a situation with a better team, same with Bosh, even though the other players aren’t on their same level.

3. The reason Cleveland’s roster is strong is because the organization has been horrifically managed over the years. There’s a reason they’ve had three No. 1 overall picks in four years. There’s a reason Lebron left. I hope he doesn’t regret coming back.

2. David Blatt, the Cavs, brand new head coach is a very lucky man. His coaching record overseas is impeccable but there is going to immense pressure from the very beginning.

1. This is a play to be the greatest player ever. Lebron could go after the stats, but he’s never been that type of player. He loves the theater of this. He wins in Cleveland and he’s a god there. A championship in Cleveland means more than one in Miami, LA or Chicago; it just does.


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